The US Powerball

The US Powerball jackpot for tonight’s draw is back to its starting amount of a generous $40 million! Will it roll over to Saturday or will there be a lucky ticket holder like the person who won last Saturday’s huge jackpot of $130 million?

The winning numbers from Saturday the 16thwere 10, 29, 37, 44, 59 and the Powerball was 10. Powerball, which used to be the “little sister” lottery to the dominant Mega Millions, underwent some changes in 2012. The alterations have made the US Powerball a major lottery in the States, known for some of the hugest jackpot prizes in the world! In the first year alone after making these changes, 50 out of 104 jackpots that were awarded were worth over $100 million! Way to reinvent yourself, Powerball.

It may sound ridiculous, but some lottery winners actually lose out on their winnings, having not claimed their prize within the time restraint. It’s unusual but it isn’t unheard of at all. A secondary prize winner in Oklahoma with a prize worth $1 million has yet to come forward!

What’s really great about the US lotteries is that a percentage of ticket sales gets donated to education funding. More than $2.9 billion has been raised for education programmes and other community necessities all over the U.S. Profits made from the Powerball lottery in particular are assigned to causes for the state in which it is played. For example, in Connecticut about half of the proceeds are donated to education. Arizona assigns to mass transportation, Kansas receives funding for economic development, Montana funds school aid and crime control, the senior citizens and state parks are maintained in West Virginia and Wisconsin receives property tax relief.

You can also be a part of the funding supplied by Powerball Lottery ticket sales – just visit and register to play lotteries online!