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The blackjack game is of  origin, similar to the 21-to-Hungarian, French card just played. The original French name, the number 21 refers. Blackjack (21), further developed in the United States, it reached its present form in 1850.

The U.S. casinos tried various bonuses to promote the game. For example, the player received a bonus, who has the hands of the ace of spades and a black Jack was. Originally it was called the hand Blackjack, hence the name of the game. Blackjack is the term now applies to all hands, a assoil and a ten-length cards.

The blackjack table while sitting on the key is to be the total value of your hand is closer to 21 than the dealer's total, but do not exceed 21. Blackjack (21), a very popular game in the rapidly growing of the number of casinos where you can try.

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The basic rules of the game in blackjack are as follows. The first factor in this game is the hand of cards by the dealer all the players and himself two cards. Then the dealer asks players if they want to turn the next card, and are also at the number you have. Blackjack game ends when all players have completed matching cards. Then the dealer looks at what he has and if they are less than 16, then chooses another card if, however, higher or equal to 17, remains at the number you have. First person who has a higher rate than the dealer and does not exceed 21 points in the cards. If this player does not have blackjack, the dealer collects all the chips online casino cashier hand and starts from the beginning.