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This is probably the most popular form of bonuses online. It is usually a small amount or a free game that you give to attract new players or those who have not played in a while. It may also be to promote a new game that has come in the casino, so you can try it without risking your own money.

You get this bonus if you get a friend or acquaintance to play in the casino. Remember to get your friend to say that he has heard about the casino through to get the bonus. This bonus is usually a fixed amount that you can use immediately - unlike other bonuses, you must have played for a certain amount before you get it.

In some cases, your friend even a small bonus to be have referred you. So there may be some extra good reasons to have many friends who play casino. When online casinos began to shoot up on the web in the early 00s, you would be lucky to find casino sites with Danish software and customer service. You could not always be sure of getting its gains, and if you got them, they were not tax exempt.

Today it is much better regulated and safe to play online casino. Since the first January 2012 is casino games on the net made legal in Denmark in connection with the new Gaming Act. Thus, one need no longer hide from the tax office or be afraid of losing money when playing in a casino with a Danish license.

An online casino in is regulated by the Danish state, and you can play safely. At the same time, you can just as before still win big in the Danish online casinos, and there are still large and handsome bonuses to get. And it is also a plus for many, the texts in the casino is in Danish and there is a Danish customer service.